Lung Capacity and its Relation to Health

Lung capacity is the ability of the lungs to accommodate air when breathing. Decreased and increased lung capacity can have an impact on your health condition. Check out more in the following review! Under normal circumstances, both lungs can hold as much as 6 liters of air. As you age, your lung capacity and function will decrease after entering the age of 35 years. Some changes in the body that occur naturally with increasing age can indeed cause a decrease in lung capacity. This can have an impact on breathing, where sufferers will find it a little more difficult to breathe. As we age, the diaphragm muscles become weak, the elasticity of the lung tissue that helps open airways can also be reduced, so that the respiratory tract becomes narrower. Likewise with the movement of the ribs which become more limited due to age, so the lungs are less able to develop optimally. Medical Conditions Related to Decreased and Increased Lung Capacity Apart from age, there are several condit
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